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If this involves a consumer dispute with a business please complete and submit a Consumer Complaint form. This ensures that we have adequate information to timely process your complaint.
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By sending this email to the Washington State Attorney General's Office, I understand my email and any response to it from the Attorney General's Office will become public record and that under state law, public records are subject to public records disclosure requests. Under some circumstances, my email (and related documents) may be seen by other people.

Please keep this in mind when providing the Attorney General's Office personal information such as Social Security information, credit and bank account numbers, medical and other financial information. The Attorney General's Office receives complaints about businesses, business practices, and identity theft. Your complaint can help us detect patterns of wrong-doing and may lead to investigations and litigation.

The Attorney General's Office, like many other regulatory and law enforcement agencies, shares complaint information it receives with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection agency. Complaint information received by this Office will be sent to the FTC's database, Consumer Sentinel, a secure online database. The FTC will include the Attorney General's Office data and then make this information available to thousands of civil and criminal law enforcement authorities worldwide.

How much personal information you provide to the Attorney General's Office is up to you. To learn how we safeguard your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy. If you don't provide your name and certain other information, it may be impossible for us to refer, respond to, or follow up on your complaint.

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